This is the second year that all products/services that Viettel registered to compete at the IT World Awards won prizes.

Viettel products selected and awarded by the Organizing Committee are all in the strategic fields prioritized by the Vietnamese Government for digital transformation such as Health, Finance, Cybersecurity, etc. These products are all digital transformation apps that have been effective in practice and created a reputation for Viettel both domestically and internationally.

The typical products/services include Viettel Telehealth System; Viettel Cloud Computing Platform, All in One Integrated Customer and Revenue Management System; Anti-fake phone number (AFPN); ViettelPay Digital Banking Platform, etc.

Present at the IT World Awards since 2016, Viettel is the pioneer in bringing IT products/services to compete with global giants such as IBM, Google, Verizon, etc. Up to now, Viettel is the most successful Vietnamese enterprise in the IT World Awards with 33 products/services honored.



The IT World Awards is an annual award organized by Network Product Guide, to honor typical achievements of the IT industry worldwide since 2006. The award is always attended by the world’s leading technology corporations such as Samsung, Ultimate Software Dell, Cisco, etc. In Vietnam, Viettel Group was the first enterprise to participate and win major awards and now is still the most successful Vietnamese enterprise at the IT World Awards.


List of awards:






Viettel IDC

Viettel Cloud Computing



Viettel IDC Data Center



Viettel Construction

All-in-one management system 7.9



Viettel High Tech

Viettel ONT (Optical Network Terminal)



Viettel Solutions

Communication campaign about Viettel Telehealth system



Viettel Telehealth system



Viettel Digital Health Ecosystem Solutions Version 2.0



Viettel Cyber Security

Anti-fake phone number (AFPN)



Viettel Media

Xgaming App



Viettel Digital Service




Viettel Telecom

Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance System



KPI Dashboard System


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