The new toll station will ensure the use of the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system, shortening the journey from Lao Cai City to Sapa by approximately 1/4 of the distance, allowing drivers to avoid the winding 3-tier road on National Highway 4D. Vehicles can now easily make automatic payments, facilitating smooth traffic flow.

As a significant project, the highway connecting the Nội Bài - Lao Cai expressway to Sapa will bring substantial benefits to tourism, as well as the overall socio-economic development of Lao Cai province. The plan is for this road to serve an average of 7,000 - 10,000 vehicles daily. To operate this route, VDTC has undergone numerous trials as requested by the Ministry of Transport, along with the development and mastery of the non-stop toll collection system, from toll booth management software to centralized data processing systems, meeting all the specified requirements.

Nguyen Canh Hoa, CEO of Vietnam Digital Transport Corporation, shared: "By connecting the automatic toll collection service, we aim to accelerate the deployment of ePass non-stop toll collection services in Lao Cai province. This will help manage and operate the road system, providing convenience for people in payments, reducing travel time, and aligning with the strategic goals of the government's digital and economic development in the Northwest region."

After three years in the market, ePass has garnered over 2 million registered users nationwide. ePass customers can easily be served at thousands of service points nationwide, including 819 Viettel store chains, 333 Viettel Store supermarkets, showrooms, and vehicle inspection centers. In line with the global technology transformation trend and the domestic digitalization of the transportation industry, Vietnam Digital Transport Corporation will continue to upgrade and develop new service products to create a smart digital transportation ecosystem on expressways, to be deployed at parking lots, ports, and airports in the future.

Recently, ePass was honored in the category of "Outstanding Digital Transformation Enterprise or Unit" at the Vietnam Digital Awards 2023 presented by the Vietnam Digital Communication Association.

ePass has expanded its partnerships with more than 40 banks (Vietcombank, MBBank, BIDV, Vietin Bank, etc.) and leading e-wallets (Viettel Money, MoMo, etc.) nationwide. As a result, vehicle owners can easily top up their traffic accounts, experiencing simplicity and convenience in payment and service usage. Particularly, when linking the ePass traffic account with Viettel Money e-wallet, customers can proactively deposit and withdraw funds without worrying about balances when passing through toll booths.

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