In terms of infrastructure, Viettel owns 12 labs, 2 testing areas, and 2 internationally standardized production lines.

Regarding technology, Viettel possesses a diverse ecosystem of products and services with 270 core technologies entirely developed and mastered by Viettel through research and development. There are more than 50 types of products in 10 high-tech fields; 4G and 5G infrastructure across all three network layers: Access layer, Transmission layer, and Core network layer. At this year's International Innovation Exhibition in Vietnam, Viettel announced the successful research of the first 5G chip in Vietnam, fully developed by Viettel engineers.

In terms of patent ownership, Viettel ranks first in Vietnam for patent registration and industrial property ownership. Currently, Viettel owns 116 exclusive patents in Vietnam and 29 in the United States.

Viettel is also a leading enterprise in areas such as AI, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, with platforms like Viettel AI Open Platform, Viettel Cloud ecosystem with 70 service products, and Viettel IoT Innoway platform connecting billions of real-time devices. In the field of cybersecurity, Viettel proudly holds the number 1 position in Vietnam with 8 services and 15 product lines, safeguarding various user groups.

Over the past 10 years, Viettel's state budget contributions have grown by 179.7%, from 13.586 trillion VND (2013) to 38,000 trillion VND (2022). Viettel is the only Vietnamese enterprise listed in the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in the World, according to the Brand Finance report.

Better Choice Awards, an award that honors the value of innovation, does not seek products rated as "the best" in specific categories. Instead, it suggests upgraded choices that are "better" than what consumers currently have, according to their specific purposes and needs.

The Sustainable Brand through Innovative Renewal award category is a special recognition for products and brands that have made a strong impression on Vietnamese consumers by applying innovative renewal, creating sustainable and long-lasting value in the market.

This community-focused award contributes to a powerful influence on Vietnamese consumers and expresses deep gratitude to brands and products that have been closely connected with the Vietnamese people for over 10 years.

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