• Enterprise’s Name: VIETTEL GROUP
  • Business Code: 0100109106.
  • Address: No. 1, Tran Huu Duc Street, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.
  • Legal Representative:
    • Full name: Nguyen Manh Hung
    • Position: General Director
    • Year of birth: 1962. Gender: Male Ethnic Group: Kinh. Nationality: Vietnamese

1. Milestones:

  • On June 1st, 1989, the Electronics and Communication Equipment Corporation (SIGELCO) was established under the Communications Command, Ministry of National Defense. This is a historic milestone marking the birth of Viettel, since June 1st has become the traditional annual day of Viettel.
  • On July 27th, 1993, based on the Government Office's Notice No. 198/TB of July 13th, 1993 the Prime Minister's approval for the re-establishment of State-owned enterprise, the Ministry of National Defense issued Decision No. 336/QD-QP on the establishment of the Electronics and Communication Equipment Corporation, its transaction name is SIGELCO, its Head Office is located at 16 Cat Linh Street, Hanoi City.
  • On July 14th, 1995, in compliance with the Prime Minister's Decision, the Ministry of National Defense (MoND) issued Decision No. 615/QD-QP, officially changing the company's name to Military Electronics and Telecommunications Company, VIETEL in short (At this time, the phrase has only 01 letter T).
  • On April 27th, 2004, MoND issued Decision No. 51/QD-QP: from July 1st, 2004, the Military Telecommunications Company was moved from the Signal Corps to the MoND under the name of Military Telecommunications Company, VIETEL in short.
  • On March 2nd, 2005, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai signed the Decision on the establishment of Military Telecommunications Corporation It was a milestone affirming a new development step of the Corporation in terms of scale, capacity and experience in the field of telecommunications (from a Company to a Corporation).
  • On April 6th, 2005, MoND issued Decision No. 45/2005/BQP on the establishment of Military Telecommunications Corporation, the international transaction name in English is VIETTEL CORPORATION, VIETTEL in short.
  • On December 14th, 2009, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 2078/QD-TTg on the approval of the Pilot Project on the establishment of the Military Telecommunications Group and the Decision No. 2079/QD-TTg on the establishment of the Military Telecommunications Group.

2. Milestones for the development of post and telecommunications services:

  • July 1997: Deployment of postal services.
  • October 2000: Deployment of 178 long-distance calls, VoIP technology.
  • October 2002: Launch of Internet service.
  • September 2003: Deployment of landline telephone service.
  • October 2004: Launch of mobile phone service.
  • March 2007: Deployment of wireless landline service.
  • March 2010: Official launch of 3G service in Vietnam.
  • April 2017: Official launch of 4G service in Vietnam.
  • Timeliness for the official launch of mobile services in foreign markets: Metfone in Cambodia (February 2009); Unitel in Laos (October 2009); Natcom in Haiti (September 2011); Movitel in Mozambique (May 2012), Telemor in East Timor (March 2013); Nexttel in Cameroon (September 2014); Bitel in Peru (October 2014); Lumitel in Burundi (March 2015); Halotel in Tanzania (October 2015).
  • December 2015: Become the first operator in Vietnam to successfully test 4G mobile network in Vung Tau.

1. Long-term development goals (2016 - 2020)

  • Overall goal: Develop Viettel into a powerful global telecommunications and high-tech industry Group, becoming one of the Top 20 Telecom Operators in the World.
  • Fully complete the main goals and targets (Revenue from VND 400,000 - 500,000 billion; Profit from VND 70,000 - 90,000 billion; Labor productivity (revenue minus expenses without salary) of VND 3 - 4 billion/person/year; Average income from VND 40 - 50 million /person/month; International investment with a market coverage of 500 - 600 million people).
  • Management:  Reform the system of mechanisms and policies to match the organizational model of a Global Group. Shift management from evaluation of results to the evaluation of productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • Complete the increase of the Group's authorized capital to VND 300,000 billion at the policy approved by the Prime Minister for the period 2015-2020.
  • Domestic telecoms: Popularize telecoms - IT services into all aspects of social life, making the second boom in the history of Vietnam's telecoms - IT industry.
  • Foreign telecoms: Enter Viettel on top of 10 biggest international investment companies about Telecommunications - IT
  • Production and Research: Become an industrial group, specializing in the production of high-tech telecoms equipment from the development of the research and production.
  • Information Technology: Complete the e-Government project; Master cyberspace, ensure national security.

2. Results in 2015
a) Main missions:

  • Party and Politics: Successfully organized the Party Congress of the Group and the Congress of Party Organizations for the term 2015 - 2020; determined the Group's strategy and direction and elected a new Executive Board to lead the unit to accomplish strategic goals by 2020.
  • Administration and Management: Completed divestment of 10 companies under the restructuring policy of the Prime Minister, all investments recovered with the surplus.
  • Led the largest state-owned enterprises for 2 consecutive years in paying the State budget in 2015.
  • Telecommunications: Became the first operator in Vietnam to successfully test 4G mobile service (in Vung Tau), opening a new direction for 2016 and the following years.
  • Officially launched and put mobile services into business in 2 overseas telecoms markets including Burundi and Tanzania, bringing the number of overseas markets to 9 countries.
  • Production and Research: Successfully researched and put into use information security and customer protection tools.

b) Social responsibility
In 2015, Viettel implemented a social program with a total amount of more than VND 390 billion, of which a number of typical programs resonated such as:

  • After only one year, Viettel has successfully implemented the program entitled “Breeding cattles for the poor in border areas” with a total of 24,000 cattles (completed 12 months earlier than expected), and gave 15,000 tons of cement to poor households residing in 11 northern border provinces as part of the plan to poverty reduction.
  • Co-ordinated to implement program 30A (period 2015-2016) in Muong Lat District, Ba Thuoc District (Thanh Hoa Province), Dakrong District (Quang Tri Province) such as: Gave 4,939 gifts, 714 breeding cattles and supported to build houses for 253 poor households; supported the construction of commune health stations and radio stations, etc.
  • Continued to deploy the program "Internet to Schools" with fiber optic transmission line for 22,000 schools and educational units; 8,330 schools got free school management software. Implemented the program "Vi em hieu hoc" (Because I am studious) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training to award scholarships to 26,400 students in 2,640 communes.
  • The “Trai tim cho em” (Operation Healthy Heart) programme: In 2015, Viettel supported VND 5 billion, accumulated VND 90 billion and successfully operated on 2,700 children, and organized screening for 16,000 poor children.
  • Supported VND 25 billion for the humanitarian programme "Nhip cau Yeu thuong” (bridge of love) to build 5 local bridges: Ngoi Hut Suspension Bridge (Yen Bai), 603 Suspension Bridge (Lam Dong), Moi Bridge (Nghe An), Na Cho Suspension Bridge (Nghe An), Ban Moi Suspension Bridge (Quang Tri).

3. Mission Orientation in 2016

  • Develop specific solutions and action plans, focusing on operating the implementation of the 2016 plan targets, as a premise for the successful implementation of the strategy up to 2020: Revenue (excluding promotional revenue) of VND 242,924,538 million, Pre-tax profit: VND 46,480,733 million; Average income: VND 29.8 million/people/month.
  • Administration and Management: Research and update scientific and technological advances to apply to production and business activities, suitable to actual conditions and improve the Corporation's production and business efficiency.
  • Draft a Decree on the Corporation's organization and operation Charter and Rename the Corporation to Military Industry and Telecoms Group.

Ensure efficiency and sustainability for foreign investment and outbound investment

  • Telecommunications: Focus on creating new products in the context of saturated telecommunications market, traditional services: reduce voice calls and messages to improve production and business efficiency.
  • Continue to improve network quality, especially 3G network quality; deploy 4G network and effectively exploit network infrastructure system.
  • Production and Research: Develop the high-tech industrial complex project and manufacture telecoms equipment.


Currency: VND million






Total Revenue




Pre-tax profit




Profit after tax








Payables to State Budget








Remaining Profit




Average income of employees (VND Million/person/month)



* Authorized capital of Military Telecom Corporation: VND 100,000 Billion

Evaluation of the implementation of the Corporate Renewal & Restructuring
Arrangement, consolidation and restructuring of affiliates:
In 2015, Viettel took the initiative in internal reforms, ensuring the organization and restructuring of the lean apparatus from the Group to the last unit level in the system. In details:

  • To consolidate and reorganize the Corporation's departments and agencies with the role of leading, orienting and strictly controlling the affiliates through strategy, finance, senior personnel, investment, procurement, science and technology, and training and professional orientation.
  • To consolidate the information technology block from the point of view of the organization associated with the product.
  • To establish and consolidate the research and development department of products, services and technology in the Corporation's subsidiaries. To consolidate the Corporation's equipment research, design and production block to direct an organization to implement the full cycle from research, design to production of products and equipment.

State divestment:
In 2015, Viettel completed divestment in 10 companies to ensure that all investments were recovered with a surplus.

The Group's organizational model:

  • The management structure of Viettel includes: General Director, Deputy General Directors, Chief Accountant and Assisting Apparatus consists of professional boards.
  • Accounting units dependent on the Holding Company:
    • Viettel Telecom Corporation.
    • Viettel Network Corporation.
    • Viettel Property Company
    • Viettel Media Company
    • Viettel Academy.
    • Viettel Research and Development Institute.
    • Cybersecurity Center.
    • Cyberspace Center.
    • Viettel Quality Measurement Center.
    • Viettel Information and Communications Technology Solutions Center
    • Viettel Network Technologies Center.
    • Viettel Software Center 1
    • Viettel Software Center 2
    • Viettel Sport Training Center.
    • 63 dependent units in 63 provinces/cities: Viettel Province/City.
  • Member companies of Military Telecommunications Corporation:

06 subsidiaries owned by Viettel with 100% authorized capital:

  • Viettel Trading and Import-Export Company Limited.
  • M1 Communication Limited Liability Company
  • M3 Communication Limited Liability Company
  • Viettel Technology Investment One Member Co., Ltd.
  • Viettel America Company (in the US).
  • VTE Technologies Sarl Company (in France).

07 subsidiaries owned by Viettel from 50% to less than 100% of authorized capital:

  • Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation
  • Viettel Global Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Viettel Construction Joint Stock Corporation
  • Viettel Consultant and Design Joint Stock Company
  • Cam Pha Cement Joint Stock Company
  • Viettel-CHT Company Limited
  • Viettel - Peru S.A.C

The above is the content of information disclosure of the Military Telecommunications Corporation.

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