According to the agreement, PT. Bandara Praniagatama will serve as the sole distributor of Viettel's aircraft simulators and pilots training system in the Indonesian market for a period of two years. Additionally, PT. Bandara Praniagatama will have the opportunity to distribute these products in other international markets where they provide services. This agreement marks a significant milestone in Viettel's efforts to expand its export market for Viettel's aircraft simulators, with expected revenues reaching tens of millions of dollars.

PT. Bandara Praniagatama holds a prominent position as the foremost pilot training company in Indonesia. The company has been specifically designated by the Ministry of National Defense and the Indonesian Army to explore collaboration opportunities and provide training for the country's air force. Furthermore, PT. Bandara Praniagatama boasts a wealth of experience in partnering with reputed international entities, including the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, CAE, Lockheed Martin, Lion Air, and Merpati Airlines.

Meanwhile, Viettel stands as a trailblazer in the utilization of simulation technology for military training in Vietnam. The aircraft simulators and pilots training system developed by Viettel aptly fulfills the training needs of not only the Vietnam People's Army but also armed forces in various other nations. Viettel retains complete ownership over every aspect, ranging from research and design to manufacturing and core technologies. Through this agreement, Viettel anticipates exporting their flight simulation products to the Indonesian market, as well as other promising markets within the region.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha, General Director of Viettel High Tech expressed, "Our Made in Vietnam system, is expertly crafted by a dedicated team of Viettel specialists who possess core technology. This empowers Viettel with the capability to swiftly adapt and promptly address user requests, without relying on external partners. Such autonomy enables us to facilitate uninterrupted training for the Air Force, ensuring pilot safety, and bolstering the combat readiness of the Indonesian Air Force."

"Our partnership with Viettel, a leading high-tech company in Vietnam, will enable us to fully address the simulation system training and equipment requirements of the Indonesian market. We see a lot of potential and look forward to Viettel's new innovations in the future. Presently, Indonesia and other countries in the region are placing a strong emphasis on comprehending their own country's internal dynamics, creating a significant opportunity for Viettel to fulfill that need. Furthermore, Viettel's exceptional production capacity allows them to compete with major companies in the industry," commented Ms. Rengga Dina Permana, General Director of PT. Bandara Praniagatama.

Viettel's aircraft simulators and pilots training system boasts numerous advantages and is poised for success in the international market. Firstly, the system offers comprehensive pilot training in diverse weather conditions and terrains, spanning from simple to complex scenarios, including day and night practice. Secondly, the system delivers exceptional performance while maintaining cost-effectiveness. In comparison to training on actual aircraft systems, this simulation system reduces costs by hundreds of times and minimizes the number of personnel involved by dozens of times. Thirdly, the system ensures the technical proficiency of pilots by simulating real-life combat situations, including the handling of bombs and bullets. Additionally, the system equips pilots with the skills to adeptly manage uncertainties during flight - a task that cannot be effectively accomplished in real conditions due to safety concerns. Moreover, the system enables seamless connectivity with the flight command crew training simulation system, facilitating simultaneous training for both air forces (pilots) and ground forces (flight commanders, navigation crews) within the same scenario.

About PT. Bandara Praniagatama (Indonesia)

PT. Bandara Praniagatama, established in 1988 and based in Jakarta, operates in the aviation and space sector. The company specializes in offering aviation training services, supplying various equipment for the aviation industry (including aircraft, aircraft engines, and ground equipment), as well as providing technical services for aircraft and ground equipment.

PT. Bandara Praniagatama Company has been designated by the Ministry of National Defense and the Indonesian Army as the key partner responsible for exploring collaboration opportunities and providing training for the Indonesian Air Force. The company primarily caters to customers in Asia, Africa, and South America, focusing on these regions for its business operations.  

About Viettel High Tech (Việt Nam)

Viettel High Tech serves as a cornerstone within the Viettel Group's industry - high technology sector. Viettel High Tech consistently broadens its research, expertise, and production capabilities in response to the pressing demand for weapons, technical equipment, and next-generation weaponry. Currently, Viettel High Tech places significant emphasis on promoting the export of "Make in Vietnam" products to key global markets.


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