million customers in 10 countries that Viettel offers service currently


billion Profit before tax (2014), growth rate of 15%


billion Revenue (2014), growth rate over 20%

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  • "Metfone is my home"

    Wednesday, 21/03/2012 01:55 PM

    Metfone’s Ta Keo branch director Nguyen Minh Hai would never forget the mother of one of his staff – she had pressed her palms together and placed it on her forehead. She was expressing her gratitude for the two oxen that Metfone gifted to her family.

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  • Telecommunication in life

    Friday, 16/03/2012 12:00 AM

    Ten years ago, telephone penetration stood at only 5% in Vietnam. Viettel’s entry in 2000 marked a turning point in Vietnam telecom market. The end of 2011 saw 30 times increase in teledensity to reach 150%. Telecommunication services have been no longer luxury goods that are available only for rich or important people as before. Telephone now become a commodity that you can find any where and any time in Vietham.

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  • Natcom officially launched services

    Tuesday, 25/10/2011 12:00 AM

    At 20h45, September 7th , 2011 (local time), Natcom (a joint venture between Viettel and Central Bank of Haiti - BRH) officially launched services. Following photos reveal more on this event.

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  • Moving sale in the western region of southern Vietnam

    Friday, 14/10/2011 11:44 AM

    In the western region of southern Vietnam when terrain is divided by rivers, the average income per capita is no more than 1 million/month – the lowest in the country. But the services and products that Viettel brings here do not decrease in quality accordingly. Here, day by day, Viettel still brings the happiness of being connected to every user with the philosophy 4Any: any time, anywhere, anyone and any price.

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